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    Because everyone has a

    sweet tooth


    About Us

    Jackie O's is YEG's premier dessert truck, serving up both the fan favorite sugared mini donuts as well as our signature

    gourmet minis. 


    You can catch us on the streets and various festivals and events throughout YEG and surrounding areas. 

    Some of our favourite events!

    We can't wait to see you soon!


     edmonton folk Music festival

    Poised at the top of the hill, we've spent the last three seasons enjoying the sites and sounds of this iconic Edmonton Festival. 





    Airshows are one of our favourite events and nothing makes our heart race with excitement like watching the fighter jets fly above! 


    Jackie O's fresh squeezed Lemonade!!.jpg

    Edmonton expo

    comic Con

    Pop culture at its finest! A celebration of all things nerdy, this 3 day event is so much fun to be apart of! Get your costumes ready!



    Big Valley Jamboree

    For the last 20 years this has been THE festival for Country Music Lovers. We were thrilled to participate last year and can't wait for the next one!